Vision and History
Remar Association (Hong Kong) Ltd. Founded in 1998, was born from a desire to help all kinds of people on the margin of society. Remar HK has had the privilege of being one instrument through witch many drug addicts have come off the streets and restored their lives.
Remar started in Spain about 30 years ago. Miguel Diez and his wife opened the first center in Victoria to help all kinds of marginalized people. Since then over 100,000 drug addicts have passed through Remar. After that, other centers in countries like Hong Kong also have been opened.

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Remar 是由米格爾迭斯和他的妻子, 約於30年前在西班牙維多利亞設立第一間中心開始, 以幫助於各類型的邊緣人士。 自此至今, 已有超過100,000吸毒者透過Remar得到協助。 其後, 更在其他國家地方, 如香港, 也分別設立中心以幫助有需要之人士。

詳情請瀏覽Remar International :
REMAR was set up, principally, to offer moral, cultural, material and spiritual help to people who are socially excluded.

This help is adapted to the needs of each individual and is of a voluntary nature and completely free of charge.

Our doors are open to all those in need, without discrimination, and our only interest is to help individuals, with the means at our disposal, to find a solution to the problems which surround them.